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george Pavloudis


Hey.! I'm george Pavloudis

and as non linear editor I make videos. Here's some of them.

Want to work togethet? Reach out.


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Following the Grafas Diving team in search of a wreck, we submerge with them into the necessity of both a literal and metaphorical "decompression".

The 25-minute documentary explores the boundaries of anthropological portrayal within the context of ethnographic filmmaking and delves into the concepts of diving, shipwrecks, exploration, and teamwork, reconstructing the experience of coexistence amidst the intricacies of the underwater world.

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Where do societies throw away the kids?

Where do the kids themselves fly?

The documentary reflects on the phenomenon of addiction and the vocation of rehabilitation. It investigates the transition from the interwar coercive inhuman system of dealing with addictions to a human-centered, free, diverse therapeutic network of rehabilitation, established for decades in Greece: DETOX (IANOS), PETHEA “Argo, P.P.SELFHELP, 18ANO.

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Reliving precious memories.

Capturing the Moment is an emotional format that sees individuals reveal their personal experiences and learnings around universally complex issues such as love, politics, careers and family. Each episode features inspiring personal stories captured in a precious photo, alongside elements of the country’s history and archive footage, and culminates in the recreation of this photo with the contributor, by a top photographer, years after the original was taken.

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This documentary takes us back to...

...the troubled days of 1943. A team of young airmen, of the allied forces, is being shot down out the coast of Sifnos. They manage to reach the island and get rescued by the locals. We will get to know our heroes, through the eyes of their descendants and know about their actions that echo to our days..

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AFTERWARDS data for 2017

A lifeguard who teaches refugees how to swim, two blind people communicating through sculpture at the NPO “Lighthouse for the blind”, the preparation of the front page of a big cooperative newspaper, a Syrian cantor and musician, a Congolese feast at Lesvos, a personal ad… What do they all have in common?


All these and many more are the pieces of the mosaic depicting a version of the contemporary Greek society characterized by solidarity, by the need to enhance cooperation and reflection on our lives in order to claim a more spiritual every day life. However, at the same time, one can discern the loneliness of those who crave to find a life partner or a friend while fantasizing about an elsewhere. A whole world struggling to look onwards to the future.

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A family table, a piece of fanouropita, a corpse.. 


  • Best Short Film "London Independent Film Festival"

  • Best Short Film "The European Independent Film Award"

  • Best Director "The European Independent Film Award"

  • Best Short Screenplay "Eurasian International Film Festival"

  • Official Selection "Istanbul Film Awards"

  • Official Selection "Art fools – Larissa International Film Festival"

  • Official Selection "International Short Film Festival Pune"

  • Official Selection "Fuori Mercato – Como Independent Film Festival"

  • Official Selection "FECIBogota – International Independent Film Fair"

  • Official Selection "SHORT to the Point – International Short Film Festival"

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Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb is an erotic drama for the unconditional love which leads to the absolute sacrifice. 


  • 2017 - Best Drama Short Film "Maracay International Film & Video Festival"

  • 2017 - Best Film Director "Maracay International Film & Video Festival"

  • 2017 - 2nd Best Greek Film Award "Art fools – Larissa International Film Festival"

  • 2016 - 2nd Best Film "Micro μ Film Festival"


  • 2017 - Official Selection "Bogotá Film Festival"

  • 2016 - Official Selection "Drama Short Film Festival"

Man has shown a great interest in the underwater world from the ancient times.


The first account of underwater facility designed for respiration-a reversed cauldron (diving bell) placed over the head of the diver, in order to prevent the air from escaping, comes from Aristotle.

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We often wonder what happens to people who finish a rehabilitation program and then try to integrate into society. Do they succeed?


This documentary portrays the cases of people who finished the 18 ANO program and have been sober for some years now. We watch snapshots of their lives and we listen to them talking about their efforts to find a job, to become creative, to continue or to reverse unfinished business, to face the problems bequeathed by their addiction, to build a new relationship with their parents and their children, as well as friendships and loves.

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