The magic of the underwater world

Man has shown a great interest in the underwater world from the ancient times. The first account of underwater facility designed for respiration-a reversed cauldron (diving bell) placed over the head of the diver, in order to prevent the air from escaping, comes from Aristotle. The historian Thucydides tells us of divers who submerged to remove the underwater seawalls from the harbor of the Syracuse and according to the account of the historian Arrian, Alexander the Great used divers for the siege of Tyre.

Many centuries have passed and the progress of technology allows everyone to enjoy the magic of the underwater worls, with great ease and safety.

However, diving transforms into a total new experience when combined with the reliving of the historical events and images of the past.

At this point underwater diving gains a purpose.

At this precious moment recreational diving transfigures into a living journey through time. This ideed is the goal set by the diving team of Andonis Grafas, diver and explorer himself that started off his journey in early 2000 and never looked back. His love for wrecks motivated him to dedicate lots of time for their discovery. Thereafter, along with his team, he photographed, filmed and examined the sequence of events that lead these ships into abyss.

The webpage is the next logical step he took, in order to make this work approachable to everyone, displayed on the computer, or any other device.

See the first version of the video, before the team starts training for diving in caves.

Perfection is the child of time.

Leicester, UK

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