2019 - Best Short Film for "TAMA" at "London Independent Film Festival"

2019 - Best Short Film for "TAMA" at "The European Independent Film Award"

2017 - Best Drama Short Film for "Phantom Limb" at "MIFVIF"

2017 - 2nd Best Greek Film Award for "Phantom Limb" at "Art fools"

2016 - 2nd Best Film for "Phantom Limb" at "Micro μ Film Festival"

2016 - Award for "Fabric of Flavour" - Athens

2015 - 2nd Coolest Film Award for "Google It" at "Argos Film Festival"

2015 - 2nd Prize for "A Hardworking Robber" at "HA! Fest"

2014 - Best Short Film for "A Hardworking Robber" at "Comedy CLUZ"


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