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DOCUMENTARY | 25' | HD | 16:9 | Color | ©️2024

Following the Grafas Diving team in search of a wreck, we submerge with them into the necessity of both a literal and metaphorical "decompression".


The film

Grafas diving team immerses us in its world, which consists in searching, filming and documenting wrecks. Buoyed by the team's enthusiasm and Antonis' passion we travel back in time, in search of a German plane that crashed during WWII.

The 25-minute documentary explores the boundaries of anthropological portrayal within the context of ethnographic filmmaking and delves into the concepts of diving, wrecks, exploration, and teamwork, reconstructing the experience of coexistence amidst the intricacies of the underwater world.


The team

Visual Εffects Αrtist

Vaggelis Sigalas

SDH Subtitler

EN Subtitler

FR Subtitler

Visual Communication Design

with the support of

Ioannis Skopeteas

Angeliki Karachaliou

Konstantinos Aivaliotis

Giannis Karanikolas

Alexandros Spathis

Despoina Galanaki

Menos Deliotzakis

Giannis Liardakis

Nikoleta Paraschi

Ilias Panaritis

Nektaria Drakoulaki

Amalia Porligki

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