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Updated: May 20, 2020

How to work with Adjustment Layers

In Apple Final Cut Pro X, you can use an adjustment layer to apply the same effect to multiple clips on the Timeline. Effects applied to an adjustment layer affect all layers below it in the layer stacking order. This is a nice feature.!

Image with logo from free gP Adjustment Layer plug-in
  • Add effects to multiple clips at once

  • Color correct multiple clips at once

  • Scale, rotate, crop & position multiple clips at once

  • Quickly enable and disable effects & transformations

What's in a name

Give your adjustment layers names that make sense, such as “Van Gogh Style”, to help you identify them in the Timeline window.

Snapshot for fcpx Timeline with free gP Adjustment Layer plug-in

To rename locally a "gP Adjustment Layer", select it in to Timeline and go to Inspector window > Info Inspector choose a name that make sense to you and what you have been assigned to do for you at project.

How to use the Adjustment Layer Plugin

After installing, follow these steps to apply the Adjustment Layer plugin in the Final Cut Pro X Timeline. Locate the "gP Adjustment Layer" plugin in the gP Titles category of the Titles Browser.

Snapshot for fcpx Title panel with free gP Adjustment Layer plug-in

Drag the adjustment layer into the Timeline above the clips you want to apply effects or transformation to. The adjustment layer will appear like a title across your clips.

Snapshot for fcpx Timeline with free gP Adjustment Layer plug-in

To apply an effect to all the clips below the adjustment layer, drag any effect from the effects browser onto the adjustment layer. Every clip below the adjustment layer will receive the effect (in this example, a Comic Cook Effect is being applied). The effect parameters can be changed in the Inspector.

Snapshot for fcpx Timeline with free gP Adjustment Layer plug-in

Snapshot for fcpx Timeline with tools

To apply 2D transformations to all the clips below the adjustment layer, select the adjustment layer, then enable transforms using the menu on the Toolbar or in the Inspector. Any rotation, scale, crop or position properties will be applied to all clips.

Snapshot for fcpx Timeline with free gP Adjustment Layer plug-in

Here’s a bullet list on how to install plugins to FCPX:

  • Unzip the folder if it came zipped

  • Copy the "gP Titles" folder

  • Paste the folder in to /Users/Yours home folder/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles

  • If you already have the "gP Titles" folder copy only the "gP Adjustment Layer" folder

Download Package | Need Help?

System Requirements:

  • FCP X 10.3.1 or above

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