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I ♥️ carbonara. Haven’t found the perfect recipe yet though, especially if only making for one. So I search on web. This is my suggestion in the recipe. Now, it says it's for one, but I found it to be more like two regular servings.

  • Put on a pot of salter water to boil (use your biggest, non-pasta pot) and heat oil in medium frying pan

  • While water is heating, dice 3 cloves of garlic

  • Dice half of an onion

  • Grate lots of Parm

  • Diced pancetta (4 slices)

  • Sauté onion until soft and translucent

  • Once onion has softened add garlic, and sauté until fragrant 

  • Remove onion/garlic mixture to plate - at this point your water should hopefully be up to boil

  • Add half a package of rigatoni to salted water and set timer (package said 12 minutes, I found 10 to be sufficient)

  • While pasta is cooking add pancetta to pan used for onion/garlic, and sauté until crisp

  • While pancetta is cooking, crack two egg yolks into a bowl (perhaps more/less depending on how big the eggs are), whisk gently with lots of black pepper, and add a large quantity of parmesan

  • Mix egg/cheese together - it will likely form a thick paste - and reserve a cup of pasta water

  • Once pancetta is cooked remove with slotted spoon reserving rendered fat in pan, and be sure to remove the pan from the heat, allowing the oil to cool slightly

  • Once pasta is cooked, remove half of the pasta to your pan with the oil using slotted spoon (this will allow a little bit of pasta water to fall into the pan), and drain the rest of pasta in colander and add to pan

  • Add onion/garlic/pancetta to the pan with pasta and stir to combine

  • Add egg/cheese paste to pan with pasta, along with a splash of pasta water to help thin out the mixture (start with a little bit, so it doesn't get too runny) and stir to combine, until smooth and silky (adding more pasta water or cheese if needed)

  • Grate extra black pepper

  • Serve with lots of parmesan sprinkled on top!!!

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