A basic Lower 3rd for your projects

Updated: May 30

Title Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

Clear captions that describe the person on the screen are always needful in editing. This is a free lower 3rds that will solve all your problems with short descriptive typography. These lower is minimalistic and modernly designed to match every footage and to look stunning on every background..

Show Safe Zones

Go to Generator Inspector ⌥⌘I panel and turn on the Show Safe Zones. Now you can see the boundaries of the frame and place your lower 3rds accurately in the image.

Left or Right Position

Whatever the speaker's position. You can easily set a new place in your lower 3rds. Just choose Left or Right from Generator Inspector ⌥⌘I

Here’s a bullet list on how to install plugins to FCPX:

  1. Unzip the folder if it came zipped

  2. Copy the "gP Gategory" folder

  3. Paste the folder in to /Users/Yours home folder/Movies/Motion Templates/Generators

  4. If you don't have a Motion Templates folder. Check here

  5. Now paste the "gP Gategory" folder inside the Effects folder

Download Package | Need Help?

System Requirements:

  • FCP X 10.3.1 or above

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